Top 10 Web Hosting Review


Top 10 Web Hosting Reviewed – Whether you’re a business trying to boost your brand or an individual who wants to make a name for yourself, it’s important that you use any and all of the communication resources that are available to you. In this modern day and age, the internet is the tool of choice if you really want the world to find out who you are.

A web hosting service is the vehicle that will allow you to make your website available to people through the World Wide Web. There are certain factors and qualities that you should look for in a web hosting service to get the best out of the money you spend. Today, the top 10 web hosting services boast innovative functions and top-notch features that push the limits of web hosting as we know it, but are they really all they’re worked up to be? Find out more about the top 10 web hosting services available today by reading this in-depth review.

Top 10 Web Hosting


Web Hosting Hub – Web Hosting Hub suits anyone and any business and offers numerous freebies to those who avail of their service. This particular web hosting platform offers their service at a starting rate of only $4.99 every month, making it one of the cheapest alternatives available today. Web Hosting Hub is hailed as one of the top 10 web hosting services because of its starter-friendly features and functions. Top notch 24/7 live chat support, secure and fast servers only to mention what we thought were the best features.

InMotion Hosting – InMotion Hosting prides itself in its ability to provide their clients with the highest level of customer service whenever they need assistance or guidance in using their services. Not everyone can be as tech savvy as ITs, and that’s why this particular feature has put InMotion Hosting as one of the top 10 web hosting services available today. What’s more InMotion Hosting makes it possible for users to truly understand how to work their service by providing them in-depth information and resources, not only in the form of articles, but also through conversations with other users. Some of the negative points for InMotion include its steep pricing structure. Those who avail of the starter pack might not get all the features they want, but if you choose to move up to the next available package, you might have to pay a bigger fee.

HostGator – HostGator made its way into the top 10 web hosting list because of its unlimited everything feature. Every package they offer provides users with unlimited databases, which means they can have as many WordPress installs as they desire. What’s more, HostGator makes it easy to transfer websites with ease, making it ideal for users who have limited technical knowledge. Despite these pros, there are a few cons to HostGator. It’s complexity for one makes it difficult for beginners to understand how to use it. Second, HostGator offers in-house domains for a rather steep price, which could mean bigger expenses for those who choose to go with the starter package which caps domains at 1.

1&1 – 1&1 is among the oldest web hosting companies in the world today, having been established as early as 1988. This web hosting service is praised for its relative affordability, wide array of user options, and reliable performance that allows visitors and guests to reach websites without having to wait unreasonable amounts of time. 1&1 fails to impress however when it comes to the overall user experience. Many of the individuals who availed of this service complain that navigating, managing, and monitoring websites through the service could be complicated and not very user friendly.

FatCow – One of the features that has made FatCow one of the top 10 web hosting services today is its superior uptime record. Boasting a server uptime of 99.85%, FatCow places itself among the fastest and most reliable web hosting services in present times. What’s more, FatCow is known for launching promos and discounts at random, allowing existing users and potential clients to avail of cheaper rates whenever available. What’s not so great about FatCow is how it makes certain services and applications available on their control panel in an attempt to make a sale for partner services. If and when users avail of the service, they might not be alerted as to the fact that these are usually just free for a certain period of time. If the user fails to cancel the service after the given free period, they will have to pay.

LiquidWeb – LiquidWeb is recognized as one of the top 10 web hosting services because of its rich set of functions and features, and its excellent VPS and dedicated hosting plans. While it might offer high-end, top-notch features, these do come at a hefty price. If you want to experience the power and performance of this top web hosting service, you should be willing to spend a much bigger amount.

NetFirms – NetFirms offers users top-notch customer service and support, guaranteed to help them through any issue. The email and website set-up is unbelievably easy and straightforward, making it an obvious choice for beginners. One of the biggest set-backs for this web hosting service however is that it makes WordPress import difficult and it doesn’t provide flexible payment plans or packages for users.

SiteGround – This top web hosting service sets itself apart from competitors with its high-level of security and information safety. What’s more, they also offer the cheapest starter plans across any other option available. The downsides to this web hosting service include the limited features available on the start-up package, and website transfer process could be a little difficult.

Web.com – This has to be the most customizable web hosting service available today, boasting a large template database that has reached the 2,500 mark. This feature makes it easy for users to customize and personalize their websites with ease. What’s more, Web.com seems to be tailored to function as e-commerce, making it the obvious choice for online merchants. Some users complain however that Web.com services aren’t exactly the easiest to understand, lacking user-friendliness on an overall level.

InterServer – InterServer has made its way into the top 10 web hosting services because of its overall functionality, which seems to outshine many of its other competitors. InterServer offers users a user-friendly control panel to work from, fast dedicated servers, and affordable prices that aren’t hard to avail of. Aside from the occasional server hiccup here and there, InterServer provides top-notch performance guaranteed to keep your website running every hour of the day.




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$4.99 Cheap, User Friendly, Great Support 24/7. TOP CHOICE! 9.9 top 10 web hosting
$5.99 Reliable, Great Support. VERY GOOD. 9.7 top 10 web hosting
$6.95 Unlimited features,User Friendly. VERY GOOD. 9.5 top 10 web hosting
$6.99 Affordable and Reliable. VERY GOOD. 9.4 top 10 web hosting
$10.95 Great Uptime. Occasionally promos. GOOD. 9.3 top 10 web hosting
$19.95 Rich set of functions and features.GOOD CHOICE. 9.2 top 10 web hosting
$4.95 Very good customer service. Beginners friendly. GOOD. 9.1 top 10 web hosting
$7.95 High level of safety and security. APPROVED CHOICE. 9 top 10 web hosting
$5.95 Good for e-commerce sites. Reliable. APPROVED SERVICE. 8.9 top 10 web hosting
$5 User friendly control panel. Fast dedicated servers. APPROVED. 8.7 top 10 web hosting

The Top 10 Web Hosting table above is to provide you a list of the most reliable web hosting services in our opinion, to ensure that your websites and businesses are safe.